Why a RC Division?

The answer is not so simple!

With the job I do on the road on multiple events and with my passion of Remote Controlled vehicules, I get asked a LOT if I've put cameras on them. When I got into Helicopters, Thanks to my friend Chris, I had the crazy idea of strapping a little hd camera to my Blade 450 3D. I was barely able to fly it straight and already, I wanted to take footages from the air.

A year later when browsing through local ads online, I met a guy in Quebec that was looking for a RC technician that knew about Mikrokopters. I told him I was a good RC tech, but didn'T know much about high end multi rotors. He told me he wanted to meet me and that we would see what we could do together. The guy had a Mikrokopter MK L4-ME that looked like it was setup with barb wire and put together with schematics made in crayons. I cleaned it up for him and made it more "flight friendly" to say the least.

Fast forward 2 months, I go on to Metallica in San Francisco for a long rehearsal period for a special project. As I was bored out there, I purchased a DJI F550 with a Naza controller and a GPS unit. I was instantly hooked. That thing was so stable and fun to fly!

First thing you know, I buy a GoPro Hero 2 and strap it on it. Didn't take long for people high in the food chain to notice I was filming (granted, I asked management prior to taking it out!) and they really liked it. They asked all kinds of questions I had no clue about and decided it was time for me to learn more about Multi Rotors.

Again, fast forward 2 more months. I'm back on Rush for their Clockwork Angels 2012 tour. As I was filming the set around, the video director came to me and told me that he was interested in buying somf footage. I made a deal with my wife a few months prior to this while on Metallica that if I was to make 1$ with my multi Rotors, I would purchase the top end equipment available. So there you go..

Ended up doing TONS of research to find what was out there, the pros and cons of each products, frames, controllers, batteries, motors, ESC, etc.

All I can say is that it can be a very expensive adventure, but it is very rewarding and gives amazing results. Results you cannot achieve otherwise.

Today, I have built numerous Multi Rotors with controllers like the Naza-M, the Wookong-M, the Mikrokopter and a few regular helicopters.

My attention to detail, efficiency and the speed at which I can build a ship is what stands out from the rest.

So what services do you offer?

We offer mainly rental and video footage (High resolution photos and videos). We are a dealer for CarbonCore products and will sell the frames either by themselves or as complete packages with controllers etc.

Keep in mind that this is mainly a hobby and a sideline and considering that my main job is having me run around the world, please contact me prior to making any purchase or rental booking to make sure I can deliver in the time frame you want.


What's new?

We are now a distributor of the CarbonCore frames and parts!

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