Tail blades

Tail blades push air so your B450 doesn't go in a death spin to the floor. It is also very important to have quality blades that are both light and rigid to be able to take a bit of grass or dirt without chipping too much. the stock ones are fine for most people. I prefer the KBDD tail blades as they look cooler (We all know that's the most important thing isn't it?) and they have nice color sets. The tail blades are 60mm long, so any brand similar in size that have the same thickness will work.

Here's what i recommend:

kbdd tail

KBDD tail blades 59.6mm (DO NOT install the shim on these. it is thick enough without it. In fact, it's kinda tricky to set the tension on the screw as these are thicker than the stocks just make sure you have enough threat on your bolt and nut so it doesn't come out!) (about 5$)


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