The Swash plate!

The swash plate is a cool piece of engineering. It has a bearing in the center which has a swivel heart. The swash also has 3 balls to link the servos. It also has 4 balls on it's center ring to connect to the washout and to the blade grips. It also has a pin that goes in the anti-rotation bracket to prevent the swash from spinning. The stock version is made of plastic, but Blade offers an aluminum version as upgrade. I did upgrade mine, but I'd say it's not necessary. I didn't see any difference in flying by changing it.


Swash plate

BLH1633 plastic swash plate


This plastic swash plate does the job well. I recommend lubricating it every 25 flights, or every head reassembly.

Swash plate alu

BLH1633A aluminum swash plate


This aluminum swash plate provides no real flight attitude upgrade, but it does look good, which is all that matters isn't it? hehe

It does offer stronger resistance in the event of a crash, but I've not heard of people breaking a plastic one yet.


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