Why didn't i get that part as spare........

You can't all be freaks like me and have like 2 heli worth of spare parts. We need to settle on what we need to keep on hand for every day crash repairs.

Here's what I've gathered so far:

- Feathering shaft (BLH1621 approx 5$)
- Main shaft (BLH1647 approx 10$)
- Flybar (BLH1625 approx 6$)
- Main gear (BLH1651 approx 10$)
- Main blades (see main blades section, approx 3.50$ to 40$)
- Main blade grips (BLH1617 approx 7$)
- If using stock servos, 3 sets of servo gears (EFLRDS761 approx 3$)
- Tail boom (BLH1657 approx 8$)
- Tail case (BLH1663 approx 5$)
- Tail control arm (BLH1667 approx 5$)
- Tail blades (See tail blades section approx 4$ stock, 5$ kbdd)
- Tail blade grips (BLH1670 approx 5$)
- Hardware set (BLH1673 approx 15$)


The rest is really on a need to replace basis.


Total cost of the spare box you'll have with all this? about 96$ if you go with stock blades. If you order them online, you get really nice discounts and you can save on shipping by combining.

I'm trying to work on a deal with a few online retailers to get us some special pricing when ordering from here. We'll see!


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