Paddles, oh dear paddles..?

Paddles are what actually makes your flybar work. they are installed at the end of the flybar rods (2mm by the way) and tilt in direct relation with the swash plate. I REALLY prefer the KBDD paddles as they give quicker response and better stability over the stock ones. Also, they look indefinitely better as they come in all kinds of colors.

Here's what I recommend:

kbdd paddles

They have 2 sets of holes. I prefer to use the front one (off center also called slow hole). I prefer to keep the flybar weight as without them (with the fiberglass main blades) the B450 felt squirrelly and i had to compensate all the time too much. A good tip to install them is to screw them all the way till you feel they start to be harder to turn, then do 1/2 more turn and leave them there. To level them, use a main blade along the flybar cage, and line up the paddle with it. After the paddle is level with the cage, bring back the weight against the paddle and lock it in place.



Here's the stock ones for comparaison:



BLH1628 Flybar paddles (5$)


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