Main blades

Here's a little recap on main blades.

The original ones are made of wood. They do their job well at absorbing impact force in crashes preventing some damage to the head assembly. They are also pretty heavy, thus making the heli rather stable hovering.

The carbon fiber are light and makes the B450 more agile, and quicker to cyclic inputs, but are expensive and transfer more force to the head resulting in more costly repairs. I do not recommend them to new pilots, but recommend them for people that rarely crash their helis. Being lighter, they also makes it easier on the motor, thus slightly improving battery life.

A good alternative is the EXI fiberglass ones. They shatter on impact thus transferring little to no force in the head assembly. Not lasting very long, but very inexpensive and fly better than the woodies as they are a touch lighter (unconfirmed). There is some other brands of Fiberglass blades like Xtreme Productions, but anmatheextreme on mentioned that they are very flexible, which might not be best for 3D aerobatics. They are also very strong, which transfers crash force to the head, thus breaking my first strong point on fiberglass.

Most of the non-Blade branded blades will require shimming as the blade grips from Blade are thicker than other brands, thus requiring shims for them to fit. Some people carve them out of old credit cards (perfect thickness, but hard to match in weight) I prefer to use the Traxxas body truck body shims (see below).

Main blades should be balanced then once installed, checked for tracking and pitch.

Here's some CF blades:


Official Blade 450 CF 325mm blades (about $33, no shims required, Perfect for advanced users)


Align 325mm CF blades (about $19, requires shims. Perfect for advanced users)


Here's some fiberglass blades:


EXI Fiberglass 325mm blades (about $3.50, requires shims. Perfect for beginners and intermediates users.)


Here's some wood blades:


Official Blade 450 wood blades (About $14, no shims required, stockers. )


Align 325mm wood blades (About $13, requires shims, better than stock.)




Traxxas Body washers #1815 (about 2$ and you'll need 1 per side of the blade, so 4 per head)


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