What is a CCPM?

There are many terms used for RC helicopters and many of them are not really self-explanatory.

I thought i should put together a list of them to help people out! Many of these terms were gathered online from many different sites.

Here's a few:

CCPM - Cyclic Collective Pitch Mixing. Basically means that the cyclic servos are working together for the collective pitch mixing.

Flying session - see session.

Pack - Usually describes flying for an entire battery "pack" life.

Session - A session usually starts when you take the helicopter out and ends when you take it back or store it. For example, if you fly 3 packs in the helicopter in a row, that would be 1 session. If you fly 3 packs, crash the helicopter, take it to the bench for repairs, then take it back out, that's 2 sessions.


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