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Batteries are the bread and butter of your B450. The quality of the battery usually determines how long you can fly, how hard you can be flying and how warm it will get. The connector used by Blade is the EC3. It does the job well, and is super easy to solder. Some people go with the deans, XT60, and many other options. At this point, it's really a matter of preference and what you have available as for the amount of power that the B450 will draw, all of these will do the job perfectly. Of all the packs I've tested, none of them got really warm to the touch. Ambient temperature was about 65F.

There are MANY brands of batteries. I have tested a few of them personally and will give you my thoughts on them (85% power on Idle up, mild 3D):



Stock E-Flite 2200MAh 30C: Very nice. stays fairly cool and lasts way over 7 minutes. 1C charge. Most expensive of the ones i tested. (48$!)



Turnigy Nano-Tech 2200MAh 25C: Very nice pack. Similar to stock one Fits well.long power lead. Well over 7 minutes flying. 5C charge is awesome, but never went past 4C. (18$)



Tenergy 2200MAh 25C: This pack seems to give me slower head speed than the others. Fairly small, fits well. Gives me a steady 7 minutes flying. 3C charge is nice. short power lead. (30$)



Zippy 2200MAh 40C: Bigger and heavier than stock. Fits VERY tight under canopy. Unfortunately, i crashed it and it dented the package so i could not test it a lot. (20$)


Parkzone 2200MAh 25C: Similar to the stock one. For some reason, every big crash i have is with this battery. Bad karma? Gives me 7 minutes of flying. 1C charge. (47$)


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