A list of Blade 400 compatible parts

Here's a list of the parts that are interchangeable between Blade 400 and 450:

Fly bar weights [BLH1606]
Motor pinions (9T, 10T, 11T)
Bell Mixer Arm and Pushrod/Link Set [BLH1618]
Bell Mixer Pushrod/Link [BLH1619]
Main Grip Thrust Bearing [BLH1620]
Flybar Seesaw Holder Set [BLH1623]
Flybar, 220mm [BLH1625]
Flybar Paddles [BLH1628]
Washout Base [BLH1630]
Washout Control Arm and Linkage Set [BLH1631]
Anti-Rotation Bracket/Guide [BLH1634]
Control/Linkage Ball, Long [BLH1635]
Control/Linkage Ball, Short [BLH1636]
Ball Link Set [BLH1637]
Elevator Control Lever Set [BLH1640]
5x8x2.5 Bearing elevator control arm [BLH1641]
5x10x4 Bearing main shaft [BLH1642]
Aluminum Motor Mount Set [BLH1643]
Hook and Loop Battery Strap [BLH1644]
One-Way Bearing Shaft and Shim Set [BLH1649]
One-Way Bearing 6x10x12 [BLH1652]
Tail Drive Gear/Pulley Assembly [BLH1655]
Tail Drive Belt [BLH1656]
2x5x2.5 Bearing: Paddle Control Frame [BLH1666]
Mounting Access. Screwdriver, & Wrench [BLH1674]
Servo Arm Set [BLH1676]
Brushless 420 Helicopter Motor, 3800Kv [EFLM1350H]


Here's a list that doesn't:

Tail boom
Main frame
Blade grips
Main blades
Tail blades
Tail cage


Taken from helifreak from user SYMAWD.

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