Who the hell is Thalios?


My real name is Sebastien. I live in Quebec, Canada. I was born french Canadian, but i can speak English as good as i can french. I'm a huge family guy. Old fashionned, working man, full time wife, 3 kids with a 4th underway.

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The only thing that differenciates me from the rest of the world? My job..

I'm an automation specialist for a company called Show Distribution. We specialize in rigging equipments. I won't go in details about them(look up showdistribution.com for more info). What's really particular is what my job actually makes me do. I go on sites all around the world to either program, supervise, install, do tech support or consult for tours or events like Metallica, Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Victoria's Secret, Glamorama and many others.

My job consists of using variable speed computer controlled chain hoists to move all kinds of things like a formula 1 race car, giant video screens weighting over 15 000lbs, people, bridges, lighting trusses, and all kind of things. The only drawback is that it takes me away from home 8-10 months per year in stretches of about 2 months.

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Ok, enough of the boring parts. Now with the fun stuff!

I started into RC when i was maybe 8 years old. Ok, as of 2011, that was 27 years ago. You do the math. I've always been interested in things that you can control from a distance. I always wanted to get these cars that go fast, these planes that fly away, these helicopters that look cool, but never got into it until 2007. That's when i bought my first real RC car.

I bought a Tamiya street car used on eBay. Payed about 100$ for it. It was fun for about 30 minutes, then i started reading on the internet about this thing called UPGRADES...! So after about a month, i was up to about 350$ worth of upgrades on the thing. Ranging from aluminun drive shaft upgrades to brushless setup, etc. The problem i had was that when i went off the street with it and in the sand, it would not throw sand properly behind it and would get caught in tall grass. I needed something BIGGER.. Off to eBay again.. Bought a Traxxas Rustler used. 100$ again. Was going places, but was MUCH slower than my Tamiya, so i put the brushless in it, destroyed many transmissions, upgraded a few parts to aluminum, changed to bigger tires, etc. All you know, i was in over 1000$ on that Rustler!! I put that thing at 91mph (with a iPhone strapped to it so accuracy is not perfect). It was INSANELY fast, but no control whatsoever. I needed something bigger... So while on tour with Rush in 2010, i bought a Traxxas E-Revo Brushless Edition for 700$ brand new. Then bought 2x 3S 4700MAh 45C carbon molecular from Team Orion at 140$ a piece, bought a Dynamite Passport Ultra 8A charger, about 200$ worth of spare parts and off i went! Guess what.. upgraded that one too! Put about every performance upgrades i needed on it to push the total (including all the parts i bought cause i broke them) to over 2500$. (new batteries, new ESC, new arms, tons of different tires, steel differentials, etc).

Then this summer (2011), while i was stuck on Treasure Island doing rehearsals for Metallica for 2 months in the same spot, a friend of mine told me about helicopters... I had the chance of seeing a bunch of them from other people on different tours, but never got the "urge". But after speaking with him for a day or 2, i finally decided to get my first heli. I got a Blade 450 3D RTF. It had all i needed (TX, heli, battery, etc.) so i thought i should get a few spare parts (bought about 150$ worth of them) and i got 4 extra batteries.

I know many people are against starting on a CCPM heli, but it was an easy curve for me. Being a tech freak, i read TONS of stuff on the web and decided to follow Radd's school of flying to the letter. Helped me master hovering without crashing a single time. But hovering isn't where the fun is with this heli...

So i started moving... left, then right, then compensate too much to left, then bad collective management and give too much up collective, then too much down, then slam, first blade strike. Read videos, did the fix, flew it again.. Pfft.... Then onto another flight.. and another, then another crash after being stupid again! Did the same fly - fly - fly - crash - fix - fly - fly .. crash pattern for about 3 weeks. Then i bought a simulator! Wow that made my life easier!! I could try new stuff without spending 50$ every time!

Tried a bunch of stuff, flew for another 1.5 week, then tried my first flip! It was sloppy, but managed to do it properly! Was freaking out afterwards, so i set it down, and stopped shaking after about 20 minutes. Put a new battery in it, tried again, and again, and ... crashed... Was too adventurous.. So i fixed it again! Repeated that process for about another week till i got very comfortable flying it. I could do weird figure eights, average nose-in, a bit of inverted flying, loops, rolls, pirouettes, front and back flips, etc. Then one day, a bunch of the crew was outside making BBQ in the huge empty parking lot (see picture) so i decided to take out my B450. Turns out even James Hetfield was watching me fly, so i had to give a good show! On with the flips, rolls, loops, etc. It was really windy (always is in SF area) so i kept it safe and high. Unfortunately, i tried to do a slow loop which started from a semi low FF flight, then went climbing up, and at the exact same time, a really big gust of wind picked up, throwing the B450 straight down. I semi panicked, tried to do collective up instead of nose forward (was climbing nose up) which made the heli fall straight on it's head with throttle still at 90%. What a carnage...

Anyway, after about 3h of fun completely dismantling it and putting it back together, i thought that there was some information missing on this heli. There's TONS of info on helifreak.com, but the information is scattered over tons of posts and it's easy to lose itself in there. Saw a fellow user saying that there should be a sticky about a rebuild of the B450 and i took the challenge. Set up the site, gathered some info, wrote TONS of text, gathered pictures. put it together and voilà, the Blade 450 Bible was created!

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