I ordered another DJI F450 from rchelicanada.com (Thanks Jeff) and will start the build soon. It's aship destined only for training purpose as the customer has a CarbonCore X4 650mm with Microkopter but has no clue how to fly it properly. I always fly it for him hehe.

Here are the details on the build. I tried my best to make it as clean as I could.

Took me a good 3 hours to complete the build from start to maiden flight in the house. (Had to stop for 30 minutes in the 3 hours to eat dinner hehe)

The first image shows the overview of the unopened packages.

The opened packages.

The base frame mounted to the 3rd hand for tinning.

Tinning complete!

Cool view of the clean board.

EC3 connector for the main power.

Main power lead soldered.

I soldered the main power leads, the BEC/LED module and 2 extra wires for the stepdown regulator I still have to go buy (1$ Radio shack stuff)

Started to solder the ESC to the main board.

The Naza-M mounted (with supplied sticky tape) and the AR7010 (with 3M sticky tape). I twisted the cables to make it cleaner (aileron, elevator, throttle, BEC, etc)

Another view of the mounted electronics.

Cleaning up the wiring!

The 2 wires destined for the stepdown regulator.

The bottom of the bottom plate!

Wiring in between the legs stands.

Handy tip. Instead of using the loctite directly from the bottle, put a drop on a disposable plastic thing (a ESC bag in this case) that way it's easier to dip the bolts in it.

Some of the frame bolts.

I still think it's weird that the GPS frame doesn't fit on 4 bolts. (the holes don't line up!).

Cleaned up the ESCs and looked at the placement of the LED/BEC and the satellite.

I ended up putting the LED/BEC under one of the back arms, under the ESC. I was a bit worried about putting them back to back, So I put the tyraps on the ESC as normal, then I put the module underneath. There's a nice little gap between the 2 and the 3rd tyrap holds the module in place.

The view from under the arm.

Another wider angle!?

The underbelly of the beast! :)

The completed ship. As you can see, I decided to wrap the GPS cable around the mast. It worked nicely. This transmitter is the customer's. I pre-programmed it and everything is tuned.

Closer shot.

Satellite arm.

Side view of the completed ship.

Video of the maiden flight indoors!


All that's left is to fine tune the gains outside tomorrow if weather permits! :)

I hope you enjoyed!


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