My personal CarbonCore H6 650mm build details and our main aerial video platform.

I wanted something more powerful than my nice F550 so I started shopping around. I found a few solutions that seemed interesting but nothing caught my eye till I found the CarbonCore H6 @ while I was in the USA.

These things looked awesome and I liked the design, so I pulled the trigger. Liked it so much that I bought a quad and a hexa hehe.

Anyway, I build the Hexa today and it is an awesome machine.

Here it is in details:

CarbonCore H6 650mm
6x Avroto M2814-11S with 12" Maxx Carbon reinforced props
6x DJI 30A ESC
AR12020 + 3x Satellite DSMX
TM1000 DSMX Telemetry
Custom 12v Stepdown regulator for LED lights
Voltair power distribution board
RC-Drones accessory plate
Main power lead to 2x EC3 males adapter (to use 2 batteries)
Hobbyking 800mW 900MHz video transmitter
Hobbyking Sony NTSC camera for FPV
ImmersionRC GoPro to analog video adapter cable
Hobbypartz LED lights
2x Desire Power 4S 6200MAh 35C batteries



The first part built. The manual says it should have the top motor mount as a hole, and the one on bottom as a plate, but I have 12 plates (1 top, 1 bottom) for some reason..

All arms built

Bottom plate assembly

Bottom plate with arms folded

Attaching arms

Battery trays

Battery trays in place

Another shot of the trays

the tolerance was great on the kit, except for the legs which has this little tiny bump in the groove to lock it in place with the foot of the leg, but the bump was too big and the foot didn'T want to get in place. I had to sand a tiny bit.

Same thing on the centre frame itself. these 2 bottom slots were a tiny bit too tight and the plate wouldn't fit in them.

Assembling the plates

Assembling the head

Another shot of the head

The attachment

Found that it's easier to screw these in first, then mount the arms for the head

The inside of the head's arms

Head completed

Motor in place!

Top motor plate dismantled to install motor

GPS installed

Another shot of the GPS

The frame is complete with motors and GPS

The Power Distribution board from RC-Drones

Power distribution board installed in the frame. I used some rubber standoffs from Home depot that worked like a CHARM!

Another shot of the board installed

Naza installed in the frame with standoffs. I cut 4x M3x16mm screws at the head and used them as rods inside the long extra 4 standoffs that comes with the kit to raise the naza above the power distribution board. Fits perfectly. I unscrewed the M3 screws on the board and replaced with the standoffs I built.

Back of the Naza

The Naza all wired up!

Fully completed bird!

The completed bird closeup

Another angle of the completed bird

What's new?

We are now a distributor of the CarbonCore frames and parts!

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