Who are we?

We've been providing safe, reliable and quite frankly, awesome chain hoist rigging automation packages to the entertainment industry for many years. Our owners have over 20 years of experience moving stuff like people, cars, planes, LED walls, truss, pods, boats, and anything that can be rigged really!    
We've been on tour with the following events and artists:
10X Conference
Chick Fil A NEXT
Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving halftime show
Dallas Rodeo
Dierks Bentley
For King and Country
Green Day
Houston Rodeo (For King and Country)
Iron Maiden
Juno Awards
KLOVE awards
Latin Billboards Awards
Macy's Glamorama
Macy's Front Row
Mexican Billboards
Nashville Predator's Pekka Shirt Retirement Ceremony
NHL All Star Game
No Doubt
Passion Conference
Premio Lo Nuestro
Premios tu musica Urbano
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Tim McGraw
VH1 You Outta Know
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Voodoo Fest (Mumford and Sons, Travis Scott)
And many others! 
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what controls all this?

In this section, you'll se a glimpse at what we use to control all this madness! 

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what actually moves?

Seb's been using these motors for over 20 years. There's many reasons why ! Click here to see them! 

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What can we do?

In here you'll get an idea of what we have done, can do, and will do!    

Would you like to see more?

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Automated chain hoists

We've been using Liftket chain motors since we started in the industry. They are the safest, most feature packed, and easy to service chain hoists in the industry. Couple that with being very reliable, you have the perfect combination.  
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Flexible installations

The main reason for using chain hoists is its simplicity. You can install, program and operate the system much faster than it would take you to install most winch systems. Also, chain hoists are usually capable of lifting fairly heavy weights while being compact.           

Speed, why does it  have to be faster?

One of the great reason to use these chain motors is the speed. Some of the automated chain hoists we have on the shelves can run at up to 120 feet per minute.   

Extremely compact

Some of our hoists can fit in a 20x20" truss.  It makes it ideal for touring with tight requirements. 

Modular system

We use our system with completely modular items that can be removed or changed without having to replace the chain hoist. This can save a lot of time while troubleshooting and/or rigging.     

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